Meet the Team

Here is the team in Emoji form so you can know a little bit more about us all...


Cartoon Man
Cre8tive Steve

Role at Cre8tive: Hands on Director, day to day running of the company and anything else that crops up.  

Favourite Animal:Horse 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I enjoy most sports partcipating in Cycling, Racketball, Football & Golf 

One interesting fact that people don't know about me:
Before setting up company I went backpacking through Asia to Australia & New Zealand 

I can help you with quotes,payments,new products etc ..... 

Cre8tive David

Role at Cre8tive: Chatting to people about all types of branded merchandise or anything else that comes into my head at the time 

Favourite Animal: I don’t really have a favourite animal but badgers are good although they come in for lots of flack ! I also quite like Komodo Dragons though too !

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I do like classic cars and fab restaurants and if you can combine the two on a great trip even better !

I can help you with..... picking and choosing the best promotional product for you and your business. 
Cre8tive Barry

Role at Cre8tive: Sales and Marketing, cool Apps and Software to help the business grow and be more efficient

Favourite Animal: Parrot

Interests outside of Cre8tive? - Brand creation and sales funnels

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I have written / created over 20 products... many of which are still available on Amazon

I can help you with.....   Sales Funnels and latest trends on online and offline marketing.

Cre8tive Aqsa

Role at Cre8tive: Accounts 

Favourite Animal: Giraffe 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? Definitely shopping – retail therapy is the best! 

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I am slightly obsessed withSupernatural/ Fantasy films and TV series.

I can help you with..... invoicing, payments and generally all accounts related queries.   




Cre8tive Gary

Role at Cre8tive: I help with telling the Cre8tive story online on Social Media and these Newsletters.

Favourite Animal: It has to be my pet dog Ted. He is my little E-Wok and I love him to bits. 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I love cycling, listening to Podcasts and taking walks with my dog.

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I couldn't talk till I was 4 but I am now making up for the lost time.

I can help you with..... Telling your story online.